7 Things that short men must avoid

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Shorter men always try to follow new trends and this can lead them to bad impression over the others.

Short height has its own benefit. Recently BuzzFeed mentioned “19 reasons why being short is best” on their blog. They clearly showed that men having short height are equal to any other men. It’s just they have different style and appearance.

But trust me,

When it comes to coolness, shorter men are more amazing than taller one.

To prove this, I will share one incident of my own. I was sitting with my girlfriend, she said that he is having a friend who is tall but tall people doesn’t look good, they just look hot.

Even girls don’t want to date men who are very tall as compared to them. Cheers! this should make you happy ūüėČ

In this article, I will talk about 7 very common mistakes that every shorter man do to while following any fashion trend.

Shorter men must avoid these 7 things

  1. Men must avoid horizontal striped shirts

Vertical stripes make an illusion and it makes you look like tall by few inches. Eyes follow lines and horizontal stripes will make you broad.

vertical stripes for shorter men


2. Avoid Baggy clothes – Just do it!

Baggy clothes are not for everyone. Very rare men look good in baggy clothes. These types of outfit will make you look like cheap person also you will lose your confidence on the street. Short men must avoid such type of fashion.

It will look like that you have wearing someone’s clothes. Always prefer fit outfit.

no to baggy clothes



3. Ripped denim/pants are not for you! – No offence but its fact

Whenever you wear cuffed denim/pant/trouser, you are making yourself even shorter. It’s all about illusion. ripped jeans look short so your legs will look like even short than actual. try to avoid cuffed jeans as much as possible.

cuffed/ripped denim


4. Always wear custom outfits РThey just look Awesome

People who wear custom wears (especially stitched for them) looks more professional and cool than normal people. You should try this if you are not wearing custom outfits yet. It will boost your confidence and you will look more attractive than normal casual.

custom tailored suit


5. Dark Textured T-shirts looks bad

If you do not agree with my point then you must be an exception or you haven’t noticed this fact but trust me it’s true. Dark texture always shows seriously and dullness. Shorter men look cool and they should not go toward seriousness (at-least¬†in term of fashion).

light printed tshirt


6. Why so desperate for few inches?

Yes, People usually wear heels to look taller, you should not do this. It will show that you are so much desperate for height. You are amazing in your own way. Never compare yourself with anyone else.

These things have no meaning when you are confident. No matter what is your height, people will still treat you same so try to avoid heels as much as possible.

heels are bad


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7. Accessories are the best way to represent class

women are attracted to those men who wear their accessories properly. Never avoid such things. It will enhance your appearance for sure and you will look good.

perfect appearance - men must avoid

Written by Rahul Negi

Rahul is very passionate writer. He loves to write about Health, Fashion and Wedding Trends.He is currently working with Aron Digital Media.

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