How to Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Wedding

Special Touch

From favours to facilities, here are just three ways to add an extra special touch to your wedding that won’t just make you and your partner smile, but are sure to awe your guests…and could even change the world.

  1. Things to Turn an Outdoor Wedding from Festival Fun to Family Friendly

Outdoor weddings are a beautiful concept; from partying beneath a blanket of stars to saying ‘I Do’ in an orchard to dancing in an open field amongst sprawling British countryside, it is unsurprising so many fall in love with the idea. That said, the reality like with many dreams can prove an altogether different story – and less of a fairytale and more of a horror, if facilities are not factored in when planning an outdoor wedding.

One way to save an outdoor wedding from ending up something more akin to a music festival or illegal rave even than an enchanted forest themed wonderland is to simply spend a little on hiring facilities that are both necessary, but can also be turned into niceties. Then, consider opting to hire your own bathroom facilities from a specialist company like Event Washrooms to ensure your guests won’t only have a clean and spacious place to go when nature calls, but full washroom facilities complete with areas to re-apply makeup, sort out one’s up do and even just take five when things get a bit emotional.

After all, even if it is a festival style wedding you want, there really is no excuse for putting the mother in law through the horror of having to experience festival style toilets, at least not if you want to live a happily married ever after.

  1. Let There be Light

Light has long been an important symbol in just about every religion, culture and society. Symbolising new life, hope, knowledge, insight and love, light is something very special because it really does unite us all; none of us are in any argument when it comes to the fact that we all need light in order to live, grow, bloom and see the beauty the world has to offer. It also helps when trying to find a partner, it must be said.

Then, one really beautiful way to incorporate and celebrate all of the above into your big day and bring everyone together is to literally light up your venue with light up lettering like that provided by Light It Up UK. A safe alternative to candles, which many venues do not even allow, light up lettering is also a brilliantly creative means of not only lighting up a dance floor, isle or head table, but spelling it out – literally.

From opting to have sentiments such as ‘love’, ‘forever’ and ‘I Do’ to special dates, such as the date you and your partner first met or became engaged, light up lettering is a special wedding touch that is trending big time right now, especially as a traditional British wedding can often be attended not just by your desired guests but grey skies and dark nights.

Hence, rather than let brooding skies rub off on your mood and the rain wash away your joy like wet confetti, light up your venue, whatever its size and see if it doesn’t in turn light up your guests and add an extra special touch to your big day.

  1. Wedding Favours that Do the World a Favour

When we marry we pledge ourselves to our partner, but as well we pledge ourselves to a new life; we recreate our worlds by uniting two separate worlds and families. More, we do so dreaming of and intent on making this new world one in which we may live happily ever after.

Then, to celebrate this, one especially special touch is to avoid giving lacklustre or obligatory wedding guest favours and instead use the tradition to do the whole world a favour. That is, rather than handing out personalised candies, novelty items or the sort of fare that is usually reserved for Christmas crackers, give some real thought to the favours you choose. After all, the favours you give are meant as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for your guests and those who make up your world (and will no doubt often help you to keep it together along the way).

For that reason, don’t just think outside the box, but think beyond your own world. That is, give the world in which you live some serious thought and ask yourself, how can I do something to make the whole world a better place, and not just make my own a happier one?

One answer that won’t cost you the earth but could (if the tradition took off and with your help) change it for the better is to consider gifting charitable favours. The number of charities who offer wedding favour cards, pin badges and tokens to give to guests in return for a donation is ever growing. Already, the choice is staggering. So, pick an issue that matters to both you and your spouse to be and unite to make the change you want to see in the world.


Written by Rahul Negi

Rahul is very passionate writer. He loves to write about Health, Fashion and Wedding Trends.He is currently working with Aron Digital Media.

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