Akshay Kumar’s Dishoom look: You have never seen Akshay like this before

Akshay Kumar with a man-bun to boot in dishoom


If Varun Dhawan and John Abraham coming together in one film was not enough, we have got some additional eye candy in Dishoom. We are talking about a buffed and chiselled Akshay Kumar with a man-bun to boot — and that’s just Dishoom’s first look of the actor.

Yes, Akshay is making a cameo in the Varun-John-Jacqueline Fernandez-Akshaye Khanna film. While the news was out last year that Akshay will be playing an important role in this buddy cop film, his look is sending our interest levels soaring.

The man himself comes riding a jet-ski and by his own admission, Akshay had a ball shooting for this cameo. Just going by the look alone, we give full marks to the makers of Dishoom for trying something new. Man-bun is all the rage and we have seen Leonardo DiCaprio sporting it, even Shah Rukh Khan when he is not working.

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