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Who doesn’t consult an army of experts ahead of their big day? To make that task easier, we spoke to experts on panel of a new wedding blog The Bridal Affair.

Dr Malavika Kohli, dermatologist

Established dermatologist Dr. Malavika Kohli (also a celebrity favourite) is one of the pioneers of aesthetic dermatology in India. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of aesthetic dermatology, and the director of Skin Secrets, a cosmetology centre in Mumbai. Here, she shares tips to help you prep for the big day:

1) Professional skin assessment is a must to choose appropriate skincare products, make-up and skin care.

2) Use sunscreen regularly, also don’t forget to re-apply.

3) Brightening and polishing treatments 60 days ahead of “D” day help immensely.

4) Do’s: Antioxidant-rich foods, fresh fruits, supplements and plenty of water.

5) Don’ts: Steam-heavy treatments, scrubs, hot showers, excess sugar and spicy food.

Suman Agarwal, fitness expert

Agarwal is the founder of Selfcare, and consults on lifestyle and nutrition choices.She’s authored two books (Don’t Diet Diet cookbook and Unjunked), has extensive experience in conducting workshops at many prestigious institutions, and helms two centres with in Kolkata and Mumbai. Here, she shares everyday things you can do to get healthy.

1) Introduce a glass of warm water with lime and honey to your diet every morning on an empty stomach.

2) Try a glass of coconut water around mid-morning. This helps your kidneys in flushing out the toxins.

3) Take one orange a day. It’s a great source of Vitamin C; helps maintain immunity.

4) Brides-to-be should maintain a well-balanced diet: including carbs + protein + fat + fibre. It ensures good metabolism, and helps lose weight efficiently. Crash dieting tends to lower the metabolism, which is why the weight comes right back.

5) An average of 7-8 hours of sleep is required to look healthy and fresh.

Tina Kakkad, image consultant

Personal stylist, image consultant and founder of The Image Code, Tina Kakkad consults clients on grooming, styling and etiquette. She specialises in bridal trousseau shopping and bridal makeovers. Here, she shares her tips on shopping.

1. Less is more. Don’t let your clothes and jewellery overpower you. I believe your ensemble is an orchestra let each piece play its part

2. Bridal ensembles must be timeless and individualistic. Don’t chase after trends.

3. Every bride must own a pair of gold wedge heels, polki jhumkas and the perfect red lip color.

4. Think colour. Never compromise on the color that makes you shine.

5. Go big – layers, flares, gheras, trails whatever it takes! You get to be a princess for just a day.

Dr Namrata Jadwani, dentist

Dr Namrata Jadwani is the award-winning dentist behind The Smylist. She specialises in ‘smile analysis’, and enhances smiles in the most non-invasive manner. Here are her tips:

1) Regular face yoga is great. Start about 6 months prior to the wedding as it helps in natural face sculpting.

2) Do not be afraid to show your teeth when you smile. You do not need to have perfect teeth to have the perfect smile.

3) Avoid showing your lower teeth as much as you can when you smile with teeth.

4) Any dental procedures such as fillings, cosmetic veneers should be completed at least 1 month before the wedding. Teeth whitening should be done 15 days prior to the wedding.

5) Don’t be conscious when you smile during the wedding. The best pictures are captured when you smile free of stress.

About The Bridal Affair: It’s a platform that helps you achieve your dream wedding. They cover the fundamentals of trousseau selection, nutrition, make-up, hair and grooming. They also handle the task of planning a wedding in its entirety. Plus, you get access to their panel of experts.

Photograph: Arjun Mark

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