9 best hair-dos for the bride of the season

Hair is half BEAUTY

Walking down the aisle to get forever linked with your destined man, weddings demand extra-ordinary attentions. You just cannot afford to go dull on your wedding. From your make-up to your nails, everything has to be perfect. However, one of the most important things is getting your hair done. An admiral yet elegant hair-do that will go with your attire and make you look pretty needs the hands of a capable hairstylist. But often you get confused with your preferences. Here are some new fabulous “hair-do” entries this summer which are absolutely stunning:

1. Floating florals Hair-dos:

Ask your stylist to make soft flowing curls and then run the fingers through the hair to give them a wavy look. After you get the perfect curl loosely pin the hairs in both sides. Pin or just use elastics to fix your favoured flowers in your hair. It will look splendidly beautiful and vibrant.


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