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The Best 5 Hen Weekend Summer Destinations for The Fun-Loving Ladies

Summer is here, ladies, and it’s the perfect season for a trip abroad. -AdMarks Media

Wait a minute, are you planning a hen weekend party? Then why not combine them and spend a fabulous hen weekend abroad, alongside the future bride? this article is about Best 5 Hen Weekend Summer Destinationshen-weekend-destination-abroad

Maybe it sounds expensive or tiresome, but I promise you this: by the end of the article you will already search for each and every destination you will find here, getting ready to rock and roll.

Ok, let’s see: you are the maid of honor and you’re about to throw a grand party for your best gal, who is about to get married. If you want it to be special in the best way possible, then you really have to work your way toward this objective.

The easiest way: book a company to organize the hen weekend away instead of you, and not only it will be better overall, but it will also be cheaper than you think.


First things first: hen weekend destinations

Let’s talk about destinations first. You have to make up your mind, and the most important, to convince the other girls (the bride’s friends) to agree and contribute with the designed sum.

Before you establish a budget, let’s see some premium hen weekends abroad options:

  1. Budapest

Hungary’s capital is called the Spa City, so you know this is going to be a pampering destination. You have to know that Budapest is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe and a great destination for a hen weekend mixed with quality booze, naked men, spas, and sightseeing.

  1. Krakow

This Polish city is great when it comes to hosting party girls, ready to be amazed by the fine urban spirit of this old city.

If you are the kind of gang who likes stylish bars, vintage cafes, wine cellars, culture, cabarets and a special city vibe, then Krakow is the place to go.

  1. Prague

Don’t even think about going to Prague if you don’t like beer. I’m kidding, there’s more to this Czech city than beer, because, believe it or not, it’s going to make you feel like you just jumped in a fairy tale.

Book this destination for the hen weekend, get the girls on board and go with the flow!

  1. Ayia Napa

You’re the exotic type of gals. No need to worry yourselves, Ayia Napa is the Cyprus heaven for everybody who loves the clubbing and beach-time mix.

Gather all your friends and the bride and enjoy a hen weekend abroad in the Cypriot place of cocktails, clubbing, water sports and tasty exotic food.

  1. Paphos

Ayia Napa is Cyprus’ Ibiza, so if you, the future bride and your friends are party girls, then that is the perfect destination for all of you. However, if you do like a stylish resort, where you can mix fun with culture, in a way you’ll all feel like goddesses from Olympus, then Paphos is another Cyprus jewel you’re going to love

Of course, you can find lots of things about each and every destination from the above, but it’s better when you search and find things by yourself.

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One thing though: book a company like Eventhuse to do all the planning. If you’re the maid of honor, that doesn’t mean you should not enjoy yourself. Just put together all the information and then call a company like and let them make all the necessary arrangement for the coolest hen weekend abroad you might possibly think of.

This summer is about fun, so choose the best way to party!

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