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JADE COUTURE BRIDAL STUDIO -Designers Monica & Karishma

Bridal Studio

Throughout the hundreds of years, fashion has been acquainted with us,There is a style for each particular identity The class of the Nawab, the balance of the women’s activist current lady, the cheer of the botanical fans, the realness of a lady in adoration with her nation’s way of life.Couture, is a perfect canvas, to communicate the language of your personality and no one gets the language of a wanderlust like Designer Monica Shah & Karishma Swali of JADE.

jade designer
jade designer
jade designer
jade Designer

Flared shrugs and long jackets in traditional Indian motifs is garnering a lot of attention from the discerning millennials. Ladies and bridesmaids nowadays are swapping their cholis and dupattas for these chic, indigenous coats that look glorious and separates them from the group amid a wedding event.

Women these days prefer to wear something which is modern yet beautifully captures the traditional essence in its overlay

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