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10 Suit rules every groom should know in 2016

Look Classy

Who doesn’t want to look good on their wedding? In this article, we are going to discuss how to carry a polished look. In next few paragraph, you are going to learn 10 basic suit rules that every groom should know. These rules are very common but none pays attention to them.

Before getting started, I want to create a scenario for the better understanding of these rules and for that I will treat you as a groom.

Let’s say you are going to be married to a very beautiful woman. You want to look smart. So how to do that?

Before going further I just want you to check our previous article on blue suits for groom.

10 Suit rules every groom should follow

Pocket Square

First thing first,
You want to look super gorgeous on your special day. Pocket Square is one of the important suit rules that you should follow. If you don’t know how to fold pocket square then this guide might be helpful to you. read about pocket square

Suit rules - Pocket square


Double vent suit

Vent are necessary for any suit, not only to look good but for comfort also. Some people use single vent suit, some go with double or no vent. But if you can then try double vent. Double vent provides more comfort and also in trend.

double vent suit - suit rules



Wearing a suit and not showing your cuff?
Cuff can raise richness of your look, always wear cuffs and expose them around 1-2cm.

suit cuff 1 cm standard size


Belt is no fashion

Not every suit looks good with a belt. Try to wear your suit without a belt. Belt can support your look but not all the time. Try both ways.


Unbutton when sitting

If you have attended any meeting, conference. you might have noticed that people do unbutton their suit before sitting. This provides more comfort and also an important role.


What color to choose?

To be frank, you can choose any color that suits you. Some colors are evergreen like gray, Black, Navy blue and sometimes white also.

suit colors to choose - suit rules


Custom tailored is awesome!

Never tried custom tailored suit? then this is the time. Custom tailored are specially stitched for you so the body proportion will be good. It will look more premium than any normal pre-made suit.
Have a try and share your experience in the comment box below.

tailor made suit rules


Lapel Width

Lapel styling has changed over last few years and cut very narrow is in trend. If you don’t have much knowledge of Lapel then this another useful article from blackLapel will help you.

lapel elements - suit rules



Pocket Flap In or Out?

flap pockets are for the daytime and slit pockets are for the evening. This makes sense in terms of style – the slit pockets being somewhat dressier looking (think of a dinner jacket, where flaps are a no-no).
however, this is my personal opinion and you have all the rights to deny it.

Join this forum to debate on this topic

pocket flap as per suit rules


Suit with a tie or no tie?

This is a debatable topic. Look at yourself in the mirror. Try to ask the same question.
I won’t drop a comment on this but I can show you can look good without a tie. Read this guide for more detail.

suit without tie

Written by Rahul Negi

Rahul is very passionate writer. He loves to write about Health, Fashion and Wedding Trends.He is currently working with Aron Digital Media.

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