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Making Your Own Wedding Sparkler Tags

Personalize your wedding

If you are incorporating wedding sparklers into your wedding you can also take the time to create tags for each one. In order to do so, you will first need to acquire the materials you will need. This means purchasing twine, a glue pen, a tag maker (available at most craft stores), card stock, fabric scissors and, of course, the sparklers themselves.

Once you have acquired all the necessary materials, creating your own wedding sparkler tags is easy to do. You can find a font and design online that you like and then download it to your computer. Once you have your design chosen the next step is to print it out onto your cards by simply placing a sheet of card stock in your printer. Then you can proceed to cut the sheet so that you have three columns. From there you place the columns of cut sheet into the tag maker, center them correctly and hit a button on the tag maker. Reinsert each individual tag and punch a hole in it and they will be ready to be attached to your wedding sparklers.

After you have created the tags you can use either twine or ribbon to decorate the tags. A small glue pen will make it easy for you to attach the twine or ribbon to the tag and you will have an addition to your sparklers that will turn your guests’ heads.


Decorating and tagging one sparkler for each guest is a great way to enhance your table settings. It will also mean that your guests already have their sparklers when the time comes to light them.

You can use your creativity when designing your wedding sparkler tags. There are so many ways that you can design them that the only thing you are limited by is your imagination. Sparkler tags can be purchased in a variety of colors, so that you can ensure your tags fit in with your color scheme.

Regardless of the size sparklers you use, you can create a tag that will fit them. It’s a good idea to make the tags easy to remove if you’re going to use the sparklers for your wedding exit so your guests can get them ready quickly. The tag only needs to be large enough to fit the message that you wish to convey. Most couples will choose a catchy phrase along with the time when the sparklers will be lit.

Personalized wedding sparkler tags will add a whole new element to your big day. If you make them eye catching enough your guests may even save the tags to remember your wedding by, long after the sparklers have faded out.

Whether you want to make your tags from scratch or buy a kit to help you make them you will find that this is a fun way to prepare for your wedding. The sendoff is something everyone should remember and using sparkler tags will help achieve this. These tags can even give your guests something fun to talk about and may inspire them to create their own tags the next time they have a use for sparklers.

Written by Rahul Negi

Rahul is very passionate writer. He loves to write about Health, Fashion and Wedding Trends.He is currently working with Aron Digital Media.

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