A Quick Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring


To get down on one knee and propose to your partner is an incredibly exciting whilst also daunting prospect. However, if that wasn’t frightening enough, you also have the important task of having to locate the perfect engagement ring.

From choosing the right style to finding out your partner’s ring size without them becoming suspicious as to your intentions, there is a lot to think about when it comes to selecting an engagement ring.

Here is a quick but useful guide outlining some of the main considerations you’ll need to think about when it comes to buying an engagement ring.


Set a budget

Firstly, even better stepping inside the jewellery store, you need to set a clear budget as to how much you realistically want to spend on the engagement ring.

Whilst the ‘three-month salary’ rule has been claimed as being the average amount of time it takes to save for an engagement ring, everyone is different which means that the budget you have set won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s.

When it comes to looking at engagement rings, there are a few ways that you’ll be able to save a few of your pennies. As highlighted in Men’s Health tips for buying an engagement ring, compromising on particular features of the ring, such as going for a less expensive white gold rather than platinum could help you to cling on to more of your budget.


What’s their style?

Probably what has to be one of the trickier elements to buying an engagement ring is trying to work out the style of ring which you’ll partner will love.

With the likelihood of your partner showing off the engagement ring to all of their friends and family being fairly high, not to mention that it’s an item they’ll treasure forever, the pressure truly is on to secure the perfect ring.

Take a peek in their jewellery box and see what designs their other jewellery follows. Do they tend to wear simpler and understated jewellery or something which is much bolder and colourful? Is the majority of their jewellery gold or platinum? These are all things which you need to look out for and take into consideration.

If you really are struggling, then why not try asking your partner’s friends or family some casual questions about your partner’s style of jewellery.

Don’t be afraid to think a little more outside the box. For instance, why not think consider the beauty and exquisiteness of antique engagement rings?

We spoke with Antique Diamond Rings who said that the uniqueness and magnificent array of different styles are what can often make antique rings so special for engagements. Steeped in history, the great thing about opting for a genuine antique is that no other piece will exist which is the same.

vintage wedding ring

Choosing the metal

Another very important part in choosing the right engagement ring is to decide early on which type of metal to go with.

Gold and platinum are usually the most popular choices of metals to go for. The advantage with these metals is that not only do they look stunning are they hard-wearing, but it’s also rare that people have allergies to these types of metals.

When it comes to gold you have three colours to decide between. These are yellow gold, rose gold containing a slight pink tone and white gold which looks similar in appearance to silver or platinum.

Selecting the cut

After choosing what metal to go with, you will also need to consider the cut of the diamond.

Wave Jewellery say that choosing the right cut is essential as this has an important impact on the sparkle of the diamond. This is due to the reason that the level of sparkle is affected by how the diamond interacts with the light.

When it come to selecting the cut of the diamond you will be presented with different options, for instance, baguette diamond cut to pear diamond cut. Head to Wave Jewellery’s collection of engagement rings and take a look at the various forms of diamond cuts and how these appear once set within the ring.

When it comes to choosing the diamond, it’s useful to have researched a little into the 4Cs, which refers not only to the cut of the diamond, but also the carat, clarity and colour. This will help to ensure that you know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to comparing different styles of diamond rings.

Whilst it seems as though there is a lot to take in when it comes to buying an engagement ring, doing as much research as you can before you step into the jewellery store will certainly go a long way in making the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring much easier.

Written by Rahul Negi

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