Rajinikanth has tweeted only 29 times and still has over 3 million followers on Twitter?

It’s Rajinikanth after all!


Rajinikanth is not a superstar. He is a phenomenon. He is worshiped by his fans and has become a part of the social consciousness of people in the South, cutting across class, caste, regional and social barriers. He has single-handedly created a cinematic subculture of his own with this trademark mannerisms and punch lines or words. And thanks to them, there is a famous joke, “There are more Rajini fans than stars in the sky”. Well, that may be exaggeration but you can’t deny the god-like fan following the superstar Rajini has.

An eye-popping example of this phenomenon is that Rajinikanth can be called the least interactive person on Twitter with only 29 tweets posted since the time he joined the microblogging website in 2013. But believe it or not, he has 3.03 million followers, that is when he is not active! Now we can’t really compare him with any other star but just so you know Tamil actor Vijay has a little over 6.5 lakh followers.

source: express web desk

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