The gorgeous Wedding Rings of 2016:


The Summer 2016 have brought in many new trends in every section of a wedding ceremony. Be it bouquets or interior and exterior decors, the summer weddings are full of life. If you are trying to deviate from the stereotype, traditional weddings rings then there are some gorgeous pieces waiting for you out in the market. Make sure your guy notices the extraordinary rings. If you want to get indulged in exquisite buys, Sumer 2016 will surprise you utmost:

1.Square Bands:

The square bands have been the new face of summer weddings. You do not need to worry about the pinch or constriction that the square edges are expected to give. They are much comfortable on your fingers and sets perfectly. It mostly comes in sleek designs.


wedding ring


2.Vintage Rings:

The authentic vintage rings have contemporary and authentic traditional touches. If you want to stick to some originality, vintage rings are the best option. It has been re-designed to give a modern touch.


vintage wedding ring


3. Rose Gold:

Rose Gold is so much of a trend. Diamonds and rose gold perfectly match each other and the grooms are opting for these sorts of wedding rings for the woman of their life. With added emerald side stones, the whole ring will look beauty.

rose wedding ring

4. Florals:

The floral have entered all the sections including the wedding rings. The details given to such weddings rings are just flawless. The petals, flowers and other unique designs, these wedding rings are so pretty to look at.

king wedding ring

5. Colourful diamonds:

One could never think about having a coloured diamond replacing the white diamonds in the wedding rings. Well, summer 2016 have incorporated in many new coloured diamonds rendering a spotless and fabulous look.

blue wedding ring

6.Three stone settings:

What if more than one gem is added in a single wedding ring ? Won’t it look awesome? The 3 gem setting has any preferred gems in a single ring that adds up to the sparkle.

three stone setting wedding ring

7. Pear Shaped Rings:

There has been a lot of experimenting going on with the wedding rings. The shapes are changing from round and oval to pear. The pear shapes are amazing to look at and you can add marquise cut diamonds to enhance the overall appearance of the unblemished piece.

pearl wedding ring

8. Mixed Metal Halos:

If you are just too confused about the right colour or just want to have yellow, platinum and rose gold in one ring, then the mixed metal halos are the perfect choice. Just match the colours according to your wish and get the desired ring at your wedding.

mixed wedding ring

9.9. Ornate bands:

These love bands are detailed and stylish. It has so much of elegance in it and perfectly exhibits the true essence of a wedding ring. Ornate bands have gained prominence in the long run and the brides are choosing over such wedding rings time and again.

ornate wedding ring


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