9 Trendy flower bouquets for brides

Flowers are alive

The wedding bells are ringing with the entry of Summer 2016. The pompousness of the occasion demands all the exquisite designs and arrangements. From the dream gowns to the reception decors, weddings are grand. But choosing a cute yet elegant set of flowers that will go perfectly with your wedding attire is not that hard to find. If you are stern to unfollow the already fashioned bouquets, then Summer 2016 have most amazing flower arrangements:

Here is the list of 9 flower bouquets for brides

1. Flowers of the soft palate:
The warm coloured flowers arranged together give a fresh look to the summer bride bouquets. The pink,white roses with couple of other flowers which are totally soothing to eyes are absolutely preferable.


2. More reds and greens:
Numerous sweet pink or red roses teamed with few white flowers will make the perfect wedding bouquet. The natural flowers with the green leaves will make the whole look lovely.


3. Mini wild flowers with the massive ones:
Won’t you love to include the freshly picked flowers from your garden and include it in your wedding bouquet? The summer 2016 do not limit the brides to only roses but you can just mix any wild flower of any size with the mandatory roses to obtain the prettiest flower arrangements.

flower bouquets

4.Bohemian wedding bouquet :
As the “Boho” trend have take over the world and people have been opting for Bohemian styles in their weddings,the Bohemian wedding bouquets are just one of the kind. So much vibrant and a rare authenticity, Boho wedding bouquets are marvelous to look at.

flower bouquets

5. Coordinated white:
Be it the bride or the bridesmaids, going full white will add an appeal. The pure white flower bouquets are divine and pure. Summer means freshness and nothing can better define freshness compared to white. Choose whites yet again this summer.

flower bouquets

6. Oh My Royal Blues:

The absolute gorgeous Royal blues and mini whites flowers included in the wedding bouquets will make you choose that graceful arrangement over every other available bouquets. Adding some silver touches and ribbons will make the bouquet perfect. Aren’t you just falling for it ?

flower bouquets

7. Plum Wedding Bouquet:

Replace the traditional roses with the fresh lilies. Eggplant purple calla lilies were never the choice for wedding bouquets. But with adding white and purple calla lilies you can have an absolute stunning wedding bouquet.


8. Lavender wedding bouquets:

Lavender not only benefits health but also adds to the beauty of the bridal wear. Lavender bouquets are amazing to look at. Encircle the pretty white roses with the freshest lavender sticks. That’s so much of a rustic look.


9. Loose, wide trend:

Instead of just choosing a clustered ball bouquet go for the newest widespread bouquet that is nothing more than sheer beauty. The woodland inspired bouquets include lush ferns, foraged branches and fresh grown flowers, these bouquets are of huge demand.


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