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Wedding album ideas-choose the best ones for your album

Pick photos you love the most.

“A wedding album is a kind of like a wedding dress — it’s meant to be enjoyed and meant to be looked at”.Your wedding photographer has sent you a CD full of photos, it’s fantastic to see the big day all over again, and the photos looks amazing – but there are over a thousand to choose from! How are you going to choose the best ones for your album?

wedding album

How to design your wedding album

Wedding album is  not for moment-by-moment record of every smile and every pose,
album show’s  the best movement of the day, the parts of your wedding you’ll want to remember.
Think your wedding album as an emotional, not a technical record. pick photos you love the most.

wedding album

Don’t try to pack photographs in small space they will look messy, you can go with the tricky thing use ‘lay-flat’ pages, make fewer photos you have the bigger they can be, and the more effect they’ll make when the album is opened.

wedding album
There’s no guideline for picking shading or high contrast pictures. It depends on the wedding: “if it’s an extremely colorful wedding, most of the pictures will be colorful”.The best way to make a wedding album-“Choose your must-have shots,” so your wedding photographer takes some extra shots of your choice and make “dream wedding album “.

wedding album
Pick photographs for the front and back cover. Something simple,classy looks admirable for the front.For the back spread, pick something that completes the story of your day – maybe a photograph of you leaving the wedding or your visitors waving farewell.

wedding album

Don’t worry if your photographs have been taken in portrait or landscape – they’ll ensure the photographs stream and the design looks incredible in any case. zoom-in your photograph to check they don’t ” blur and pixelate”. check for any marks on the photographs, people out of focus, and all.

wedding album

ones you have your final choice, check them over to ensure everybody is looking happy and connected with the occasion.

wedding albumSo that’s how to pick the best picture’s for your wedding collection,putting time give you a fantastic album full of memories that you’ll treasure forever.


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