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Hook Up in Weddings…

Hook Up in Weddings….A wedding is an occasion wherein the union of two people happens for that reason; the ambiance in a wedding is indeed very romantic. As a matter of fact, some people even claim that they can smell love in their air while others just prefer to express the love. Well, who wouldn’t be in love when you are in a wedding? There are beautiful people dressed in their best, wearing tuxedos and gowns. There are beautiful flowers that surround the area as well as there are the relaxing smells of the candles being used in the reception. Isn’t Lovely it?

hookup in weddings

Aside from that, there is an inviting music that is continuously playing which means that the wedding is a perfect place to hook up or to meet other people beyond your circle of friends. Well, many people have realized that already and I bet that the bride and the groom know that too. They know that the wedding ceremony is not just for them, for others too – for others to be in love and find their match as for how the two of them did.

hookup in weddings

So, if want to find your man or to at least hook up with a man on the wedding of your friend,

here are a few tips that can help you be successful in that mission.

Plant and collect. Start by eyeing a cute guy that interests you. Then, you can start planting the seeds by complimenting his looks or his outfit, smiling at him and flirting with him. Then, you can ask him to meet you at the dance floor during the reception. Collect your prize then, however, don’t give him too much information at the start, like where you are staying and other things. Keep him excited for you.


Those that are close to the bride are off limits.Remember that the wedding day is the day of the bride. For that reason, try not to ruin it by staying away with his brother, cousin or even her father. You don’t want the bride to be jealous of you by stealing their attention. So, if you still want to pursue them, try it at a later time of the event like before the closing or during the cake cutting ceremony or anytime that the bride is too tired to notice their absence.


Pick the right place. If you can’t wait until the ceremony is over to do your hook up, then try to choose a location that is more appropriate to do it. Don’t go for the groom’s or the bride’s room or to any room of the immediate family of the soon to be a couple. Well, you don’t want to be caught in action.

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Be Prepared. Well, this is the best one that you should be ready. You have to be prepared, physically and emotionally. So check if you have your vanity kit with you like your lipstick, makeup or tissue. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the condoms. Don’t just rely on that he will have one; instead, be prepared in order for you to be safe.


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